Seek Your Next Sequence Realtime


SEQer's Possibility


knobs Tweak Real Knob

Assign your physical midi controller with SEQer to get real feeling.


plug Connect Anything

SEQer can talk with any internal/external software/hardware with virtual/actual MIDI ports.


fire Hot Repeat

Hold knob selection buttons to repeat only specific steps. Best for live performance.

🚀 See SEQer In Action

A quick demo with AKAI APC40 midi controller + Ableton. See how SEQer is good at live midi performance!


Try SEQer for Free


Installed app can run as fully functioning demo for 14 days. After the demo period expires, you need to purchase a license to unlock with licence key.

For Windows users: Your browser and OS may warn that SEQer could be dangerous software. Recently, software without digital signature are treated like so. Please just ignore them.

System requirements

(Mac: Catalina, Win: Windows 10) or higher
250 MB free space at least
Fast multi-core is recommended

Get Your SEQer

  1. Before you purchase, download app from the button at "Downloads" section above, and try it for the demo period (14 days) to confirm SEQer is correctly working on your machine.
  2. If you like SEQer, click buy button at this section.
  3. Activation key will be sent by email.
  4. Enter the activation key to unlock.